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New Hampshire Criminal Defense

If you are facing any sort of criminal charges in the state of New Hampshire, including those for DWI or DUI, then what you require is a skilled and experienced New Hampshire criminal defense attorney to offer an honest assessment of your case and develop a smart, successful defense strategy. Our NH criminal defense lawyers have successfully represented clients in a myriad of NH criminal defense trials for over 10 years. Our track record includes defending cases within the District Court and the Superior Court, and we have succeeded in obtaining significant victories in both the US Federal Court and New Hampshire state court systems. We have represented clients who have been charged with DWI, drug possession, assault, white collar crimes, burglary, and numerous other offenses.

All client matters are carefully prepared trial. Other legal matters our lawyers can offer assistance with include sentence review hearings, probation matters, and after care requirements for DWI convictions. Depending upon the particular offense you have been charged with, the consequences of a conviction can be quite severe and devastating – especially on the lives of your loved ones. Furthermore, such consequences can also affect your long term future and your pocket book. In all New Hampshire criminal matters, it is imperative to retain the services of a trial proven, credible criminal defense lawyer. In addition to obtaining the best possible outcome for your situation, a New Hampshire criminal defense attorney will also work diligently to ensure that your due process and Constitutional rights are protected under NH state law.

Identifying Constitutional, Legal, and Factual Issues

Fundamental Constitutional concerns are often raised in New Hampshire criminal defense cases. Our lawyers take pride in identifying these issues and utilizing them in negotiations, trial preparation, and pretrial motions. In each of our cases, Miranda rights, search and seizure, confrontation, competency, mental health matters, and due process issues frequently implicate Constitutional concerns at the federal and state level. Our attorneys make a concentrated effort to remain abreast of the latest federal and state court decisions in order to maintain a comprehensive understanding of these issues, incorporate them into our negotiations with NH prosecutors, and engaging in pretrial litigation. Our aggressive and comprehensive approach to pretrial litigation often enables us to narrow cases, which increases our chances of success at trial.

Expert and Scientific Issues

Technological advancements have had a significant impact on the defense and prosecution of criminal cases in New Hampshire. A well rounded effort by an NH criminal defense attorney is no longer solely concerned with effective presentations in the court room. It now also requires a thorough understanding of a case’s scientific underpinnings. In a criminal case, blood stain pattern analysis, DNA testing, mental health issues, computer forensic analysis, polygraph examinations, fingerprint comparison, and tool mark analysis barely begins to scratch the surface of the scientific issues that can arise in a criminal case. Our New Hampshire criminal defense lawyers possess extensive experience in presenting and defending necessary scientific evidence within a court room, and we have strived to create trusted relationships with a plethora of qualified experts who can assist in creating a successful defense strategy. We will utilize such relationships to the benefit of our clients.

New Hampshire Criminal Defense Attorneys

If you are convicted of a criminal offense in New Hampshire, the potential penalties you face are severe. The judgment that is rendered is influenced by a number of different factors, including your prior criminal history/record, whether property was destroyed or another individual was harmed during the commission of the crime, and the severity of the violation. In addition to jail time, a criminal offense conviction could also result in harsh monetary fines, the completion of community service, required treatment in a drug or alcohol abuse treatment center, and possible suspension of your driving privileges.

With assistance from competent legal counsel, it is wholly possible that a “not guilty” verdict could be obtained in your trial, charges could be reduced, a plea bargain obtained, or the charges could be dropped altogether. Our NH criminal defense attorneys are able and willing to provide the legal assistance you require. For a free consultation with a member of esteemed legal team, contact our firm via telephone or email today. Protect your legal and Constitutional rights by engaging with a criminal defense attorney who has the track record, impeccable ethical standards, and required legal knowledge to help you put your arrest behind you and get your life back on track.